Saturday, 20 August 2011

Well, i did it, i got a blog.

Good grief, i did it, i got a blog. I never thought i would, see, i only needed a little push Cynthia. Now all i need to do is take piccies of work in progress, when finished of course and way we goo.......


  1. Hi Jen welcome to blog land - hope you'll join in our challenges at Bah! Humbug! Looking forward to seeing your craft work. Lovely to have a new blog to look at.
    Ann xxx

  2. AND ABOUT TIME TOO MY FRIEND...and yes I am shouting xx no excuse for not joining my challenges now either xx

  3. YIPEEEE, Congrats Jennie, you will have so much fun. Super to have a new blog to look at and NO excuse now for not joining in challenges.
    Go girl, go
    Big Hugs
    Christine xxx


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