Monday, 20 February 2012

That Thingymajig

Here is that thing that i've been talking about on forum, it just doesnt look as good on the piccies. I have made it from a cardboard tube,old cork coaster. The round bits over the tube i have made with cardboard, cut with circle nesties, loads of flowers and butterflies. It looks more enchanted in real life lol


  1. WOW is all I can say... wonderful Jennie. I was with Hels at the weekend watching her work... she has not done one as high as yours. I am sure she would love to see yours... can I show her please....xx

  2. Jennie this is fabulous! It must have taken ages to make but its absolutely stunning, I love everything about it, the flowers are beautiful and the beadwork is a perfect finishing touch. I'm going to have to have a bash at making one of these one day.
    Claire xx

    1. The beadwork!! that is from Dunelm, you know it comes attached to thin ribbon. From Dunelm habberdashery.Bought by the yard and oh so cheap.

  3. Wow so much work Jennie but worth every minute. It is beautiful. Well done you.
    Jen x


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